Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TP-Secure Introduction

If you're a Temasek Polytechnic student and you wish to connect to TP-Secure with your Symbian but you're too shy to approach the Cyber Centre, you're at the right place!
If you're using a rather automated phone, then great! However, if you're with Nokia S60, you'll need some configurations. Today, I'll walk you through the configuration for a Symbian S60v5 phone (5800XM), but it should be similar for most other Nokia phones (It should look very, very similar for S60v3 as well).

If you're using any other phones operating systems, the order of the steps may be different but the parameters will definitely be the same.

First of all, we'll need to add the network into the AP list. To do this, browse to:
Settings > Connectivity

Next, scroll down and select Destinations

In here, select "Add new acc. pt"

Right now, the phone will ask you if you want to search check for available access points. Since TP-Secure is a hidden network, you'll not be able to find anything. Choose no.

Then select Wireless LAN since that's what we're trying to connect to.

Now enter TP-Secure (case-sensitive!):

Now you'll be asked a series of questions. First of all, if you're not anywhere in TP (like me right now), you'll be given the choice to select between Hidden or Public Infrastructure mode. Otherwise, you'll only see Infrastructure (hidden). Either way, choose Infrastructure (hidden).

Next you'll be asked for the authentication method. Don't listen to what you're friends are telling you! Choose 802.1x here!

Now you'll be able to select the WPA2 mode. Select EAP!

Finally, the destination is the internet:

After adding TP-Secure into the list, browse into its properties from the Internet list. You should see this:

Make sure your settings match these:
Connection name: TP-Secure
Data bearer: Wireless LAN
WLAN network name: TP-Secure
Network status: Hidden
WLAN network mode: Infrastructure
WLAN security mode: 802.1x
Homepage: None
Use access point: Automatically

The connection name and whether to use the access point automatically is just my preference. Now it's time to set the proxy. Press Options and browse to Advanced Settings:

Set the proxy as follows:

Proxy server address: proxy.tp.edu.sg
Proxy port number: 80

Exit back out and go to WLAN Security settings:

You should see EAP here. If not change it to EAP. Then go into the EAP plug-in settings:

Disable everything except PEAP:

You should be at this screen:

Make your configuration mirror this:
Personal certificate: Not defined
Authority certificate: Entrust.net Secure Serv... (Choose the lowest one)
Use name in use: From certificate
User Name:
Realm in use: User defined
TLS privacy: Off
Allow PEAPv0: Yes
Allow PEAPv1: No
Allow PEAPv2: No

When you're done, hit the small white arrow at the top right corner. Depending on your phone you may need to do something different to get to the following screen. Disable everything except MSCHAPv2:

Go into EAP-MSCHAPv2 settings and type in accordingly:

What you enter in this screen is actually your email login without the domain name at the back. For example, if my email is 0800893j@student.tp.edu.sg, then enter:
User name: 0800893J
Prompt password: No
Password: asdfghjk

When you're done, hit back and press the small white arrow on the top right corner again. This time, just make sure all Ciphers are ticked. After that, you're done!

Now you should be able to connect to the internet through TP-Secure flawlessly. Note that if you're trying to access services local to the school (e.g. You're hosting something on a school computer, naughty boy), the firmware (as of today) is not able to handle exceptions. You'll have to manually remove the proxy.

The guide is working as of today (check the date of the post), but if you find missing steps or you have updated parameters, be sure to leave me a comment below!


  1. can my lg km900 connect to it too???

  2. Oh I'm not very sure. Actually any handset that supports PEAPv0 (802.1x or WPA Enterprise) should be able to connect to TP-Secure. Check around your phone settings to see if you can find the necessary fields :D

  3. Yo, What about Iphone/ Ipod touch? Thx for the guide though.

  4. my phone requires a security code...but it doesnt ask for the username..any idea what the code for the TP-secure network might be?

  5. @Anonymous May 7
    iPhone and iPod Touch definitely works as there are a few in my class using it to connect to TP-Secure. They said it automatically detected most of the settings. I don't have one right now so I can't walk you through, but if 802.1x doesn't work, try WPA2 Enterprise with TKIP if there's any setting like that.

    @Anonymous May 13
    As for the security code, what authentication method are you using? I haven't encountered one so I'm not sure what it might be. Perhaps if you could provide your phone model I can look it up for you to see if your phone supports the authentication type :D

  6. my phone model is lg km900...thanks^^

  7. @Anonymous May 24
    I'm sorry, your phone (LG KM900) doesn't support WPA-Enterprise/802.1x so you would not be able to connect to the TP network.

    "The phone has a built in web browser, with HSDPA (7.2 Mbit/s connection) and Wi-Fi capabilities (no WPA-Enterprise)."

    From Wikipedia

  8. ok thanks anyway^^

  9. Yoz just to check i tried configure my nokia 51 before, it worked. But after i refresh my list of network. The stupid connection is reflected as "Hidden WLAN" no longer configured. den i repeated the same step after i deleted the 'malfunction' network den i can no longer connect to TP-Secure :(

  10. hi i was using a SE X10 i have some difficulty of config through TP secure network.

  11. For the EAP-MSCHAPv2 settings , what pw should we enter? our email pw?

  12. Yes that is right, it's the same password you use to log into your student.tp.edu.sg mail account :D

  13. Sorry for the late reply. The Sony Ericsson X10 seems to have some issues with WPA2-Enterprise with PEAP. It may be resolved in a future firmware update but currently it will not work with TP-Secure:


  14. anybody know how to set for Sony Ericsson Aino?

  15. Hey dude! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Is there a way for me to connect using HTC Legend? Thanks in advance! Nice guide btw!

  17. Thanks a lot. You are great.

  18. heyy! i went to add new access point but there's no wireless option, there's only package data.. ): Help! Im using nokia 5800!

  19. Hey! I'm using Sony Ericsson J20i, can I do the above?

  20. Hey, for the username u put ur admin no, so for the password, do u put ur own password? or is it "asdfghjk" for everyone?


  21. Haha it's your own password, the one you used to log into your @student.tp.edu.sg account :)