Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I found the most effective training regime yet. First, setup the bot and load up PS TDM map. Set the bot to only walk side by side and move it in front of the crates. Move down the list as you go through the 20 minute practice mode:

1) Rifle from furthest corner, stand/crouch tap for 2.5 minutes
2) Rifle from crates, dodge tap for 2.5 minutes
3) Rifle from core item, crouch spray for 2.5 minutes
4) Rifle from melee range, stand spray for 2.5 minutes
5) Sniper Rifle from furthest corner, stand tap for 2.5 minutes
6) Sniper Rifle from crates, dodge tap for 7.5 minutes

Tap means to fire by tapping. Spray means to hold down the mouse button. Dodge means to change positions every time your ammo depletes or when you fire a Sniper Rifle round.

The most effective way to train for Rifle is to look away every time your ammo depletes. That way, you can build up your twitch reaction to both onscreen and backstabbing enemies.

For the Sniper Rifle, change positions every time you fire (it's okay if you return to that position after you cock your Sniper Rifle). Do not repeatedly fire while standing on the same spot or you're a sitting duck.

The best way is to press Q right after you fire, which would switch to your secondary (knife would be preferred). This allows you to move out of the way very quickly. It also helps resist the temptation to continually fire without moving.

Also, in dire situations, quickly double-tapping Q allows you to fire at a quicker rate if you time it correctly.

To prove that this regime works, here's what I got in two days:

1 hour after typing this post, I have 29 MVPs now. Wahaha!

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